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The basic package is a package designed to cover the basic necessities of your wedding day! With 4 hours of coverage included, one front line shooter, and a high resolution professionally edited gallery of 500-600 images, this package will ensure all the mainstream details of your wedding day will be documented beautifully ! With this package, you will also receive a complimentary engagement session OR boudoir session offered in studio or in the comfort of your own home. If 4 hours of coverage is beyond what you are needing for your wedding photography, this package can be customized and downsized from 1, 2, or 3 hours coverage.  Please contact Dania Renae to discuss package pricing options for the downsized packages! 


$2800.00 OR $3200.00

Why two prices for this package you may ask? Ill tell you! If you decide to go with the $2500.00 LUXE package this will include 6 hours of coverage, ONE shooter, and a high resolution gallery of 800-900  professionally retouched images. This packages is also included with a complimentary engagement session OR a boudoir session, in studio or in the comfort of your own home! The second LUXE option, the $3200.00 package, has some upgrades that may be more applicable to your wedding day wish list! This package still offers 6 hours of coverage, but with the luxury having of TWO photographers! What does two shooters mean for you? Simply put, MORE PICTURES to cherish! Keep in mind, having one shooter does NOT mean crucial wedding moments will be missed! Having two shooters, nonetheless, will allow you to have more images from different angles and captured with different lenses. In other words, MORE VARIETY! This package also includes a complimentary engagement session OR boudoir session! And of course, not to forget your beautiful wedding gallery of 1000-1200 high resolution professionally edited images! 


$3600.00 OR $4200.00

The ELITE package, is our fully loaded wedding day package! It comes with everything every bride hopes for on their wedding day! Just like our LUXE package, the ELITE package also gives your the opportunity to upgrade with a few perks that may be what is needed to complete your wedding wish list! Our $3600.00 ELITE package comes with 8 hours of coverage, ONE shooter, an amazing gallery of 1500-1600 high resolution, professionally edited images, as well as, a leather cover printed album. Like our other packages, this package is also included with a complimentary engagement session OR a boudoir session that is offered in studio OR in the comfort of your own home! If the full meal deal option is what your going for, then the $4200.00 ELITE package is waiting especially for you! This package also has 8 hours of coverage, TWO shooters, a 1900-2000 image gallery in high resolution and of course professionally edited! This upgrade also includes a leather cover printed album of all your most memorable images! Please remain confident that having ONE shooter does not mean that crucial moments will be missed, it just means that when having the luxury of TWO shooters it allows for more variety of images; different angles and different lenses during the same moment as well as some behind the scene candid moments! Having two shooters means VARIETY and of course adding more beautiful images to  your wedding gallery for you to cherish for years to come ! 





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